The Washington Post has published an article explaining how to go grocery shopping. Elsewhere in the news, I’ve read that Myanmar made a ruling that only the men could go to the grocery store. I feel that this cannot have been the whole story. However, the ruling apparently resulted in men helplessly wandering around the store trying to find common items and confusing green beans with lentils.

Grocery shopping is a valuable skill and I think everyone should learn how to do it. But I’m sheltering at home and not going to grocery stores, so I needed alternatives.

For the first two weeks, my husband stopped by stores on his way home. However, his idea of grocery shopping is buying eggs and toilet paper plus a larger slab of meat. I tried to get him to buy some calcium-fortified orange juice with pictures from the internet, but that did not succeed.

So I was thankful to learn about Instacart. That is my first Instacart order up there.

Between Blue Apron and Instacart I have fresh food again.

My husband disapproves. He thinks that “food boxes” are bad form. “I don’t like shopping by mail,” he says austerely.

I have berries, melon, citrus fruits, and cheese. Life is good. Food boxes are good.