Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  #1 daughter brought the babies and lunch and cake. It was wonderful to see them. I hadn’t seen them except by FaceTime since we started quarantine nearly two months ago.

The youngest had forgotten us.

The bigger of the Littles ran to her grandpa for a hug. We played with toys, started a story, and enjoyed fried chicken and birthday cake.

#2 daughter sent a fried chicken delivery. #1 son is bringing his crew over to make masks tomorrow. And then I guess I will shelter at home for 14 days to make sure we didn’t make a mistake.

It was so wonderful to see them.

I “fixed” #1 Little’s hair by snatching a lock up into a Pebble’s pony tail on her head. It got the hair out of her eyes. She then fixed my hair by combing it with a Playmobil comb. The comb was about 1/4″ long. “Comb your hair,” she said.

Many of us have given up make up and hair styling for the duration. #1 daughter and I mostly have, though I sort of gussy up for Zoom and Face Time. One of the people I Zoom with suggested that we might all end up embracing a more natural look.

I said as much to #1 daughter, but she disagreed. She thinks her set feels like hair and make up show respect to others.

I feel like staying in pajamas all day shows disrespect for ourselves, so I should be agreeing with her. But maybe Secret PJs, mascara, and lipstick are enough.

#1 Daughter thinks this would be a great time to practice with YouTube make up tutorials.