Gull stitch, shown above against the garter stitch, is a simple pattern stitch. It’s seven inches wide and four inches tall, so it can be memorized very quickly and used in many settings.

Wrong side rows are always purled and the right side rows include yarn overs and decreases. This makes Gull stitch officially a lacy stitch, not a lace. But it actually looks less like lace and more like a tiny cable. With a bit of laciness, admittedly, but not so much that a boy baby couldn’t wear it.

The item being knitted is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s charming baby sweater in gender-neutral mint green and a tiny size.

It is part of the layette for #1 daughter’s forthcoming baby.

Yes, the cat is jumping out of the bag. #1 daughter’s doctor has said she can tell everyone about her baby now. She’s due on September 21.

ultrasound crop

The infant should look sweet in mint green, don’t you think?

We’re all pretty excited.