#2 son was here for about a week. It was wonderful. he pointed out what good conversations we have, and that is true. He left a couple of rabbits with us and headed off for Nepal.

I have developed a good habit stack for mornings and another good habit stack for evenings, and now I have added feeding and petting the bunnies to those stacks.

I need to add more exercise, I know, but I already have a pretty good collection of self-care and housekeeping items.

On the weekend, I change it up by going back to bed with a cup of tea and a book. It’s a pleasure. I also have Sunday School via zoom and church via YouTube livestream.

I usually spend Memorial Day weekend sewing. Until the pandemic I often also gathered with the family at #1 daughter’s house. This weekend, I’ve been working on the sweater I’m making for #1 son.

It is such a beautiful day, though, that I want to spend some time outdoors as well. My husband and I went out and worked in the garden a bit and trimmed the dog’s hair. I read a bit as well, and plan to do more of that.

Our vegetables are thriving, though not yet producing much. We’re getting lettuce every day for ourselves and the bunnies.

Oh yes, the habit stack. I shower, apply lotion, do 10 squats, check my blood sugar and weight and blood pressure, check the headlines with my tea, check Vine, eat a proper breakfast and clean up the kitchen, start the laundry if need be, do 30 minutes of cardio, dress like a grownup, and sometimes actually do hair and makeup. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to get into that habit; perhaps it’s just because it’s not on my checklist.

i make decisions about dinner and get to work as the Roomba starts.

Work is satisfying and productive. I often see #1 daughter and her children during the day, and have contact with my other kids and sometimes even with other people. No social events, really, but psoitive connections. That’s probably enough for me.

In the evening, I go through the evening checklist, including a wholesome dinner. I want to add strength training to that evening habit stack. I go to bed and read, and then sleep the sleep of the just.

If I could overcome the dizziness that still plagues me, I would have no complaints. It’s a nice, ordinary life.