Collage of healthy lifestyle

My long list of habits has become… habitual. I floss, make my bed, plan my workday, do my daily cleaning chores, exercise, hydrate, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, plan and track my eating, get 7+ hours of sleep every night, read every day, listen to professional development books when I drive, think before I speak, work on relationships, and wear sunscreen. Etc.

Here’s some habits I can still add:

  • Follow a budget.
  • Network 5 + hours each month.
  • Give up snacking and/or sweets.
  • Add 30 minutes of vigorous exercise to my current 30 minutes of walking.
  • Do the One Thing from 9:00 to noon daily.

I’m still working on my mental habits. But after a couple of years of working on the Rich Habits and healthy habits, I’ve included pretty much all the good habits in my daily life as habits. Not things to think about; just things I do.