The next topic in the book I’m using for the Health and Beauty project is hair. I don’t do anything with my hair except wash it and brush it. The section on skincare listed chemicals to look for, but the discussion of shampoo just suggests gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner.

I’m going with Pantene and washing my hair every other day. I have hair serum, and I might add that.

I’ve been faithful with my skin care routine, and in fact I’m doing very well with my morning and evening routines. I feel like I’m getting more done and also that I have more time. Automating the routines makes a difference.

I may be getting less knitting done, but I finished the mittens and got back to Chimera.

The mittens are for #2 son’s girlfriend. I must get them to her before the winter weather ends.

It is #1 daughter’s birthday today. I will bake her a cake and take her some presents.