This is the Newport Classic from Seamless Knit Sweaters in Two Weeks. It became the focus of my knitting in the month of February, even though it was clear pretty quickly that I had no chance of banging it out in one month let alone two weeks.

It’s in Lambspun Prism, color way Peony, on size 6 needles, 7 stitches to the inch. I think I’ll love it.

I had a good, productive workday today. #1 daughter and the New Guy came over for the morning team meeting, and #1 daughter brought her family back for dinner. Gyros sandwiches, yum, and then the #1 Little and I played a lot. She communicates well, though idiosyncratically. She put her hand up and said, “Hold it, hold it.” We played with the robot vacuum, following it around the kitchen as it whirred and gobbled up crumbs.

We went back to my bedroom to visit the cat, and later to sleep. Except she didn’t really want to sleep. She wanted us to sit on the bed and watch TV. I didn’t cooperate with that, so she said, “Nico eyes! Nico eyes!”  #1 daughter explained that she says, “Look at my eyes!” when the Little doesn’t obey or pay attention. I guess I wasn’t paying sufficient attention.

I did turn on the heater for her. “Push a button,” she announced.

We played cars, too, and read a story or two. We walked on the treadmill and asked Alexa to play songs for us.

It was a whirlwind of fun.

They went home after dinner and I got back to my knitting.

I have a couple of errands to do tomorrow, but I also have one more day of the month. The Good Ol’ Boy pointed out that it’s Leap Year. Could I finish the sweater? Obviously not. But we’ll see how far I can get.