We are now actually halfway through the year. How are those annual goals going?

Here were mine:

  • Lose 10% of my current body weight. I’ve lost 17% of my body weight. This is enough to match the effects of heart medication. Not that I have ever taken heart medication.
  • Wake up feeling good each day. I’m not sure I’m making sufficient progress on this one, but I can see why.
  • Take two real vacations. Not yet, but I still have six months.
  • Develop learning materials for linkbuilding and blogging for the website. Hardly started.
  • Develop two new products. Getting there.
  • Add three full-service clients. Getting there.
  • Sell and build ten websites. We’re on track for this one.
  • Streamline systems at work and home, taking advantage of what I’ve learned about habits. This has been such a focus of my year that I need to write about it separately.
  • Knit three sweaters. I’ve got the yarn and pattern chosen for sweater #3.
  • Complete two quilts. Not started yet. I mean, the quilts are pieced, but I haven’t started quilting them.
  • Learn machine embroidery. Limping along on this one.
  • Complete one SWAP. I’ve completed three of the pieces and have one more cut out; not halfway but making slow progress.
  • Provide good leadership for the Worship and Music committee. I think I’m doing this.
  • Tithe. Maybe half the time.
  • Keep the sabbath. Not even half the time.

So maybe I’m halfway along.