July has begun, so we’re halfway through the year.

I’ve made good progress on some of the things I planned for this year: travel, weight loss, making a layette for the forthcoming grandchild, spending more time with other people, planting a garden, dressing like a grownup, streamlining business systems.

Some things I’ve hardly begun: adding certifications, writing guest posts (I’ve done just two), improving the company’s social media, making a SWAP, completing quilts and sweaters, making a bag or two.

Exciting things have happened this year. #1 daughter is having a baby (whose wardrobe has pushed out my other needlework projects). #2 daughter got an impressive promotion and the two of us went to Paris. #2 son got a teaching job at the college where he did his undergrad work and will be living much closer to us. My husband is back at work.

I’m recommitting to my goals, starting a new planner, doing some deep thinking about where I’m heading, and playing around in my planners some more.

Also checking in on a couple of dogs. I need to get my day started so I can get that done.