It’s June, halfway through the year. How are we doing on our annual goals?

Here were mine:

  • Lose 10% of my current body weight. I’ve done that, moved beyond it, and am heading toward another weight loss goal.
  • Wake up feeling good each day. This isn’t consistent, but I am tracking sleep and seeing why  I’m not getting enough sleep. Hint: other mammals in my home. I bet people who live alone get lots of sleep. Also I must remember the lessons of the Wake Up Project.
  • Take two real vacations. Not yet, but I have taken some weekends.
  • Develop learning materials for linkbuilding and blogging for the website. Not even halfway on this one.
  • Develop two new products. This has been done, in concept.
  • Add three full-service clients. We should have 1.5 by now, but we don’t. We have lots of smaller projects.
  • Sell and build ten websites. We’re on track for this one.
  • Streamline systems at work and home, taking advantage of what I’ve learned about habits. I don’t know about this one. It could be that habits are too stressful for me. Maybe I can work with rituals, though.
  • Knit three sweaters. I’m on track for this one.
  • Complete two quilts. Not started yet. I mean, the quilts are pieced, but I haven’t started quilting them.
  • Learn machine embroidery. Limping along on this one. I’m going to finish my Craftsy class today, but I only watch it. I haven’t been able to get going with any actual practice. I have however spent about a hundred dollars on patterns and the class, so I must follow through.
  • Complete one SWAP. Not halfway yet.
  • Provide good leadership for the Worship and Music committee. I think I’m doing this.
  • Tithe. Maybe half the time.
  • Keep the sabbath. Not even half the time.

I’ve done some things worth being happy about:

  • I’ve met my weight loss goal and set myself a new one.
  • I’ve spent time with my family and friends and cleaned up relationships that needed it.
  • I’ve increased my average daily steps by 25%, which is less than half of the increase I wanted to accomplish, but it’s an increase. I’m stepping things up in this area.
  • We’re on track with websites and revenue though we have not made much progress on the big new business goals for the year.
  • My house is moving toward clean and tidy, and I may be halfway there. See linen cupboard above.

I’ve had some challenges in 2015 that I hadn’t really factored in when I was planning, but I am also seeing a lot of energy going into little things while the big things don’t get done.

In June, I will be stepping up my exercise, adding classes to my stepping and increasing my steps to 10,000 a day. I started tracking in June, 2014, so it’s high time I figure out how to fit in those steps.

I’m also eating superfoods, embracing vegetables, and cutting back firmly on the remaining Evil 6 in my life. I’m taking a trip, too, and it may not count as a vacation but I plan to have fun.