This is how the end of the first skein for my first Christmas gift looked this morning when I started my long day of knitting/ recuperation. Now, toward the end of the day, I’m nearing the armscye on the back.

The other things I know for sure I’m making — a plethora of BAWKs — are waiting for the yarn to arrive. And of course waiting for me to finish the first gift.

But I’m also tempted to make table runners. That’s because I saw this pattern in Quilter’s World Christmas Quilting at the grocery this morning.

I bought the magazine. How can you resist goofy reindeer? Then I immediately thought that I could make holiday table runners for each of the women on my list, including myself, because that’s how things look in the early days of making Christmas gifts. That’s not realistic.

DIL has a December birthday. This might be just the ticket.