The next chapter in my Health & Beauty Project book is about hands and feet. I do nothing for my hands and feet — no mani-pedis, no callus work, usually not even hand cream.

The chapter is largely about health issues: corns, smelly feet, nail fungus, athlete’s foot. Yuck.

I am trying a lavender foot mask, visible in the picture above. In 5 – 7 days the skin of my feet should begin to exfoliate itself.

I also have these pretty products, filled with ylang-ylang and rose and pomegranate oil and stuff. Face products need to have vitamins and acids and things, but lotions and potions for hands and feet mostly just need oil.

We’re washing our hands more than ever in the pandemic, so adding hand and foot cream and the occasional at-home nail care should be worth doing.

In big news, we had an inauguration today. We have a decent man in the White House again, and a decent woman for vice-president. The nation is celebrating and relaxing. We are filled with hope.