I bought myself a Cocoknits book, workbook, and special markers required for the technique. It’s a birthday present to myself.

All my kids called and wished me happy birthday, but otherwise I’m having normal workday. I’m trying to be a little nicer to myself than usual, but there  is no cake involved.

I heard about Cocoknits at Facebook, where the Lambspun people posted about the Cocoknits workshop they were having.

Cockints is a new idea in knitting. That doesn’t happen that often. I have been knitting a nice top-down seamless raglan sweater. That is the only kind of sweater my grandmother ever made, and it’s awesome. But Cocoknits are a seamless top-down sweater with set-in sleeves. The creator claims that they have a better, more tailored fit, and are faster.

My current WIP, the Newport Classic, is from a book claiming that its sweaters are faster, but I haven’t seen that happening. I am not holding my breath that Cocoknits will be faster. But faster knitting just means you have to buy more yarn, so who cares?

I do like the idea of something new.