It’s not my birthday yet, but I bought fiber craft supplies and I’m using my upcoming birthday as my excuse.

Truthfully, I usually buy both yarn and fabric for my spring Design Your Wardrobe project. I think every year I imagine that I will just do a stash-busting plan…and then I buy some more lovely materials.

My crazy purchase is this variegated yarn from Arcane Fibers. I generally like variegated yarns in the skein but not once they’re knitted. I don’t at all know what I am going to make.

My less-crazy purchase is a group of prints from Spoonflower. I make simple T shirts in wonderful prints each year, and I wear them all through the warm weather. They’re cheaper than buying them ready made and my cost per wear is quite low.


I got a solid as well. This is persimmon, one of the Pantone spring colors. I also have a length of granite green from last year. I plan to make skirts, which I so rarely wear. This will give me the biggest expansion of my wardrobe for spring.

I’m going to try again to make the jacket from La Droguerie.

And I plan to make the Chanel Blues cardigan in persimmon as well. Or maybe green. I am in the middle of several projects right now, and Seamwork is starting the DYW late this year — not till March 27. I did the shopping but won’t start making things till later.