This is a big birthday.

#1 daughter took me to lunch along with The Baby. She gave me the new Whole 30 cookbook, since I told her that I need to get back on track. "Not till Monday," she has told me several times, since we are having family lunch tomorrow.

Only #2 daughter will be missing.

I came back home and got stuck into my knitting and a physical book I have been saving for a special occasion.

I bound off Ketch this morning. It's soft and pretty and I'm very happy with the lace panels I added.I don't think the collar is right, though. It doesn't roll the way a shawl collar should.

It doesn't seem as though the sweater itself is too small, but the collar certainly seems to be. Or maybe it is that the sweater is too small. It rolls better on the hanger than on me.

But still not well. I think I will frog the collar and do it over.

For today, though, I got a good start on Ah la Fraise! from La Droguerie in Knitpicks CotLin.

I got lots of birthday wishes and did Nothing but loll around knitting and reading. Apart from morning hanging out with my husband and lunch with the girls.

I plan to finish the evening with further lolling and knitting. #2 son is coming in early tomorrow, so I may do a bit of desultory tidying and I suppose I will eat something for dinner, but basically this is a lazy day.

As for my traditional birthday review of the past year — it has been an awesome year. All of my kids had major milestones. I went to Paris with #2 daughter and we had the first grandbaby in the family.  I also visited half a dozen states. I reached a healthy weight after years of being overweight.

I trust that the upcoming year will be equally awesome.