DSCN3344   Easter dinner.

#1 daughter and #1 son came over for dinner. We had ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato muffins, corn, salad, and key lime pie.

The church service in the morning was good. We had breakfast first, and it was fun to sit and talk with people I’ve known for years, new people, people I hadn’t spoken with in a long time.

I’m not very social, and don’t usually want to be, but I do enjoy a crowd of happy people now and then. I think just the act of smiling a lot makes people — including me — happy. DSCN3345

The music was satisfying. We had brass and timpani, bells, choir, a solo. There were some humorous moments, such as the praise chorus  which had the words printed wrong in the bulletin; some went ahead and sang it correctly, while others tried to fit the printed words to the tune willy-nilly. At another moment,  the woman who married #1 daughter and her husband were presenting the communion elements for the choir. Some choristers got confused and headed to the right — toward the choir room — after receiving communion, instead of left as we’d been instructed. The servers kept swapping places as choristers tried to figure out which way they were supposed to go, trying to keep the bread and wine in the right order.

And my personal favorite, when the children’s minister invited everyone back on Wednesday “to see all the church musicans come to life,” as though we were clockwork dolls put away in cupboards between services. DSCN3346

We usually have a big Easter meal for the whole family right after church, and the rest of the families on the block did so, while I sat out on the porch with a novel.

It was a little sad. We usually have a dozen people at Easter. It’s usually an elaborate meal, and I give a lot of thought to decorating. This year, I stuck a wreath on the door and baked one pie.

#1 daugher came by, cross, late in the afternoon. She had met friends for Easter brunch and they had gone from mimosas to heavy drinking. She left in disgust and came to us. My husband watched TV and daughter played with her phone while I tried to have a conversation with her. When #1 son got off work, she went to pick him up and we had a pleasant dinner after all.

We talked about their grandpa’s idea for turning the U.S. into a democracy rather than a republic, whether Monsanto is the most evil company in the world, how anyone can make a difference in the world, and GMOs.