I met with Polymath on the lovely downtown square. She asked me to tell her about my weight loss journey. I have discussed this topic a little bit with my daughters, and of course ad nauseum here at my blog, but this was the first time I’ve actually had this conversation with anyone else.

It was actually fun. At one point I told her that I didn’t really feel that much different, even though I’ve lost a lot of weight.

Then this evening after a meeting the pastor said, “Are you thinner?”

Last time I saw the Art Professor, he said, “I don’t want this to be weird, but you look great.”

I guess perhaps I actually am thinner than I was.

I need to lose nine more ounces to win the Wii Fit game. I will at that point be “normal” rather than “obese,” as I used to be, or “overweight” as I am now.

I have been within a pound of winning since I returned from Paris in June. I’ve just been traveling, visiting people, having visitors, and adjusting to/celebrating all the wonderful events in the family. So I’ve lost, um, two ounces a month since then.

Time to step it up a bit, maybe.