Over the years, there have been some physical objects that I have coveted but felt I couldn’t have. I remember seeing Baggalini bags in a Kansas City shopping center and hoping that one day I could own one. I now have a bunch of them. I also wished for the Eileen West Moonlight Sonata nightgown and robe ensemble. I buy an Eileen West nightgown every year, actually, but the gown and the robe together? Too extravagant.

So when I saw the robe for $25 — presumably a discontinued color — I ordered it. I also ordered the gown, though it had to be a different color. They arrived yesterday. I wore them last night.

Was it the experience I had hoped for? Absolutely. I felt like the heroine of a romance novel in my layers of cotton lawn with lace and ribbons.

Shopping should be like that.

Should I covet material goods? Maybe not. But finally buying myself something I’ve wanted for years? That might be an example of self care.