Happy Mail


“You have happy mail,” said the sticker on the envelope above, and it is certainly true. All the stickers I’ve been waiting for arrived today, with special envelopes from Thailand, the Netherlands, and various parts of the U.S., each one filled with snazzy stickers. Stickers to track social media followers, strength and cardio, books read and hikes taken and birthdays celebrated. Stickers for Easter and for spring, to-do lists and checklists and full kits with computers, birds, and purple paisley. Stickers which are candidates in my continuing search for the absolute perfect health and fitness tracker and stickers that just looked like fun.


In addition, I received a couple of packages containing items for review: a comprehensive set of crochet hooks and a new perfume supporting sustainable agriculture in Haiti.


So yes, this was definitely a happy mail day.

It was also a good solid work day, punctuated by Daily Burn 365 this morning and a grandchild’s school program this afternoon. Now it’s evening and I’m trying to finish up a project I was supposed to have completed earlier. I may not get it done tonight. I might do a better job if I go take a hot bath this evening and go to bed and read, then come back to it fresh in the morning.

I’m glad that I’m beginning to recognize that sometimes that’s the wiser choice.