It’s New Year’s Day, a final day off before we return to work full steam ahead. 2018 was a happy year, with plenty of family fun and community excitement.

2018 in the news was appalling.

But personally, I had a good year. Here’s to another great year in 2019!

A day off means a day when I don’t absolutely have to do anything. I can do what I feel like at any given moment. But I must finish that final late Christmas gift.

I have the materials to do one more hot water bottle for myself, as well. I’m tired of this particular project, since I’ve made 8 of them already, but I certainly want one for my own cold feet at night. The yarn, KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Fairy Tale, should look properly romantic at the foot of my bed in the daytime, too.

But since this is a day off, I not only lolled about knitting and watching BBC murder mysteries, but also swatched for a new project.

This is Damsel, from Cozy Stashbusting Knits. I intend to make it from Katia Air Lux, which I found at Lambspun Ft. Collins when we went to #2 son’s graduation. It looks like silver. Amazing.

The stitch pattern for Damsel is not very special, but I think that’s just right for this yarn.

#2 son also asked me to make a shawl for his sweetheart for her birthday in May. Between us we determined that Geo-Snow will be a good choice. It actually made me think of this young lady when I first saw it.

He wants it in emerald green, so I had to order some yarn. Luminance from Knitpicks in Thoughtful.

Here is a look at Luminance in another shade of green:

Luminance is on sale at a serious discount. In order to bring my order up to free shipping — which I must always do at KnitPicks because no way will I ever pay $10 for shipping when I could have $10 worth of yarn — I bought a cotton/linen blend for a tank for the summer.

I’m excited about this birthday project. I’m very fond of the young lady, and I want to make lots more triangular showls.

I’ve planned all my projects for the year, and it will be a challenge to complete them all even if I add nothing to the list.

I will finish the hottles, rescue the argyle sweater, finish up Chimera, knit up Damsel, and then move on to Geo-Snow.

Following today’s yarn shopping, I can surely go Cold Sheep for the rest of 2019.

For today, I will enjoy my leisure and planning.