The beginning of the school year is, we know, as much New Year as January is. Going back to choir practice, getting our season tickets for shows, choosing classes, all that… it’s a beginning. #1 daughter has a new car, we’re considering a new hire, and I’m revisiting my goals for the year.

My family is always #1, and I’ve been pretty good at putting them first.

I decided that my business was going well enough that I could pay attention to some other things, including dressing like a grown up every day (getting a B+ on that) and bringing creativity back into my non-work life.

I decided to have a garden again, and I did — to the extent that the weather cooperated. I planned to spend more time with friends, too, and I’ve definitely done well with that.

I haven’t traveled much, and I haven’t made much progress toward being fitter by next January 1st.

Clean eating was part of my plan. I think I’d do fine with it if it were a matter of sitting down and eating meals that were prepared for me by someone else. I enjoy the Clean meals I make, and I like cooking them.

And yet, I find myself eating other stuff. Just this week, for example:

  • White flour waffles with butter, syrup, and bacon in a chain restaurant
  • Gyros brought to me by #1 son
  • Carryout pizza, also with #1 son
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Juice given to me by my stepfather
  • PopTarts. I have no explanation for the presence of these things in my house.

Oh, sure, I also had chicken, ham, fish, egg whites, nonfat cottage cheese and yogurt, fruit, vegetables, low-carb high-protein pasta, and a bit of dark chocolate. Why, with all those good things available, have I eaten the other things? I don’t know.

Because it was there, I suppose.

Well, it’s a new year, right?