I like hard work, especially if it’s productive. This is a poster made by a student in a class I spoke to.

Today I finished up our marketing plan, attended a nice client meeting at which the Art Professor did all the heavy lifting, wrote stuff, and finally got back to choir practice after enough absences that people made a fuss when I arrived.

Reports on my ongoing personal projects:

Last night, during an episode of Midsomer Murders, I did all the machine sewing on the Sand colored items for my SWAP. I have also thus far had two uninterrupted nights of sleep under essentially perfect sleep conditions (eating right, no late-day caffeine, getting away from screens an hour before sleep) and am feeling excellent. There may be something to this whole sleeping thing.

Now, on to a more serious topic. What’s up with the cannibalistic foods? I don’t watch much TV and I certainly don’t sit through the commercials, but recently even I have noticed a trend. Foods are portrayed in commercials either as chomping up other foods, or as behaving in very human ways and then being eaten by humans of their own size.

Is this not disturbing?