2019 was a good year for me. We have a new grand baby and got to spend a lot of time with the family, including some visits with family members we hadn’t seen in a while. Family will of courser be a priority in 2020 as well.

I lost a bit more weight and got an important health issue dealt with. I want to step up exercise this year, add some hiking or at least outdoor walking, and recommit to clean eating.

I took a proper vacation and a nearly work-free Christmas break and several fun day trips. I want to repeat this in 2020.

Work went well and we have an exciting plan for the coming year.

I made lots of things in 2019. These were my Finished Objects.

I still have quite a few WIPs. Not to mention kits and planned things. I definitely am still turning my beautiful stash into awesome clothes — I don’t need any more materials than I currently have. Truly. I plan to continue participating in the Seamwork DYW process in spring and fall, and I want to complete a quilt next year, plus of course plenty of baby clothes for the Littles.

I was in a play in 2019. I don’t plan to repeat that, but I might join the Master Chorale for the Year of Beethoven. I’m on the Session again at church, too. I want to et back to WordCamping after taking 2019 off. These things should be enough human contact for me.

I think my Word of the Year for 2020 will be Satisfaction. I want to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing difficult things, the satisfaction of eating right and exercising, the feeling of being satisfied with what I have.

Everyone has gone home now. I am giving myself the luxury of lolling around in my nightie thinking about plunging into the Roaring ’20s. In a minute I’ll get dressed and make breakfast. I’ll do some work (I’ve already done some, actually… I’m going to do a bit more as well) and some cleaning up. I may toss out all the leftover rich and sweet food from the holidays. It seems wasteful, but it may actually be the healthful choice.