I last wrote about this project in late January. Then things got crazy at work and dramatic at church and I caught a cold and felt dizzier and stopped getting through my to-do list and fell off the wagon.

Back onto the wagon I go. Actually, I’ve been doing pretty well with skincare; that might by now be an actual habit. The 8 steps? I’m still hit or miss. There have been plenty of occasions when I wished that I had taken care of it when as sudden meeting or visit caught me unprepared, but also plenty of days when I didn’t bother.

Also, my housekeeping has fallen by the wayside. I was very tired for a while. On the other hand, I went for my injections and my hemoglobin had increased to 9.6, so I didn’t have to have those injections. The nurse practitioner told me this. I never even saw the doctor. I was still charged $200 plus the lab work.

I’m very happy, though. I am no longer fearful about kidney failure, but I had replaced it with fear of both dying of low hemoglobin and dying of the injections. I am giving that up.

And I am determined to complete my health and beauty project. Then I’ll shift over to the garden or the Design Your Wardrobe project. However, I must get the 8 steps solidly into my morning routine and also et back to regular exercise.