It’s still Christmastime, so I am especially enjoying the idea of doing the Ghost of Beauty Past task from the first of my health and beauty books: Lazy Perfection.

The Ghost of Beauty Past task requires gathering up all the makeup in your house and tossing most of it.

This is my Before picture. Some of these items are decades old.

This is my After picture. I tossed the ancient items and anything that was a bad color for me. I still have 13 lipsticks. Only one mascara, blush, primer, concealer, powder. No eyebrow products, reasonable numbers of eye shadows, a couple of shades of foundation.

In fact, lipstick is the only thing I have too much of. They’re all from Clinique and I was able to check on my orders for the past couple of years. 24 months is apparently the lifespan of a lipstick, and I have bought half a dozen in the past two years. So I should probably keep those six and toss the rest.

We’ll see.

In any case, I have reduced my total items. Now I must use what I have. If I used these items consistently, I wouldn’t have things hanging around for years. Or decades.