It’s still Christmastime, but my mind is heading toward the New Year. My household projects worked out well and so did the holiday projects. Now comes the Health and Beauty Project.

I have some structure: perfect my AM Routine and my PM Routine, then work through You: Being Beautiful. I must also get back on track with eat/ move/ sleep, but this plan will give me new things to attempt.

I’m also working on some new habits for the new ear. My new Fitbit wants me to move 250 steps per hour and will nudge me to get up and move. I’m going to obey.

Learning to cook Mediterranean food and eating that way most of the time is on my list. I made a quiche this morning — what better use for Christmas leftovers? I don’t think French food is necessarily Medioterranean, but I am partially convinced that the cuisine of our ancestors is bound to be good for us. And I did put in some tomatoes. I may include French cooking in my project just because it’s delicious.

In addition, I will be working on my pain issues.

I actually didn’t experience pain much at all during the holidays. I’ll just put that out there. I might have been distracted by the fun, or I might have been moving more. I don’t know, but I am going to remember this fact.

Today is my last real day off, so I intend to read Leviathan Wakes, drink tea, eat and/or throw away holiday leftovers, and perhaps do a little knitting. Lolling around by the fire is definitely the focus of the day.