Am I healthy and beautiful?

Well, I am faithfully following a skincare routine. I am taking supplements (mostly doctor-recommended). I prepare for both my day and my night like a grownup. I’m doing the eat-move-sleep pretty well. I’m experiencing much less pain.

Close enough for me. Now I’ll keep up those habits and sharpen up my work schedule in February. There is also Lent and the Design Your Wardrobe for spring. Also my husband has his citizenship interview.

So I think I will have plenty of opportunities for self-improvement.

And I will continue to make things. Check out some recent makes:

Coconut flour turtle cookies

And ginger ones, too.

Broccoli quiche, challah, fresh produce.

Kaiser roll, sort of…

Good progress on Chimera.

Actually this is not that recent. I made the Boniface top and the Tropicool pants for this little peanut’s big sister last year.

Oh, and I’m 80% of the way through my Mt. Fuji challenge.

So it’s been a good first month of the year.