#2 daughter has been here for five days and we have been to a lot of restaurants, hung out together a lot and enjoyed a family game night and a visit with the Littles.

Meanwhile, I am continuing my healthcare journey. Taking pills, sticking my finger to measure my glucose levels (going very well, thank you), tolerating side effects, portioning out my plate, and failing to get the amount of exercise I should but thinking about it a lot.

Today I had a call from the Breast Center. I was called back after my screening mammogram for a diagnostic mammogram. I’ll have that when I finish my vacation. They wanted me to know that it will cost me $544 and change.

I was feeling pretty calm about the call back before. Now,I am not. Surely they wouldn’t charge that much for a little thing they wanted to check on. However, I also know that there are lots of false positives in mammograms. This is one reason many experts don’t agree with the yearly mammogram recommendation. The stress and expense of the extra testing on women who don’t have cancer outweighs some of the benefits of regular mammograms.

In March, back when I had not been diagnosed with diabetes and hadn’t taken those tests or visited any doctors, I felt much better than I do now. The tests have been interesting, I guess, but not pleasant by any means. The colon cancer test was negative, but I still have about a week tillI know the results of the mammogram.

And then I have two doctor visits left after that. Maybe more.

Overall, the healthcare journey has not been a positive experience at all. I felt better before I started getting medical care. It’s been expensive and unpleasant.

The vacation has however been lots of fun.