This month has involved a lot of human contact. That could be a good thing. I had five Zoom meetings last week, with one more today plus a couple of medical appointments this week. I’ve enjoyed time with #1 daughter and her children, and went to church in person, staying for a cookout.

#2 son came back from Nepal and spent a night with us. We had talked about having a family camping trip this weekend, though it’s not settled yet.

I’ve enjoyed all these connections and look forward to the scheduled ones. I always enjoy seeing my family, of course. The people I’ve interviewed have been smart and interesting.

I’m still suffering from vertigo. but this would always be a lot of time with people for me. The vertigo may or may not make a difference; I am not sure.

We got a new oven, so I may do some baking. We’ve been spending time on the garden, too, and of course I have been knitting and reading. Life is good.