The month of June has been, for me, a time to get back to healthy habits and restorative routines. I have done fairly well on this, though I must still work on it. Probably forever. But June has brought a little more freedom and less stress.

I’ve seen my kids and grandkids more, visited the farmers market and the bakery, and had brief interactions with people from church.

Part of this is the reopening of our state, which has seen a huge increase in cases since the governor ended most restrictions on businesses and public places.

The governor says most cases are not related to the relaxing of restrictions because contact tracing finds that few infected people went to a gym or restaurant, but I think that it made people feel freer. Fewer people are taking precautions.

However, the city where I live mandated the wearing of masks in public. The places I’ve visited (apart from my daughter’s house) have had a great majority of people in masks and everyone social distancing. Additional knowledge about the mechanism of spread for coronavirus helps make good decisions. So I feel like I can perhaps go out more as long as I choose well.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The CDC recently urged Americans to keep wearing masks and maintaining a distance from others as states reopen. “The more closely you interact with others, the longer the interaction lasts, the greater the number of people involved in the interaction, the higher the risk of Covid-19 spread,” said Jay Butler, the CDC’s Covid-19 response incident manager.

I’m mostly staying home still. But I want to get outside more. More walking, more reading on the patio where the lilies are sweetly blooming. More playing with my grandkids.

And keeping up those healthy habits.