This is Henry, two skeins in. I haven’t had to frog again, but I have had to do a lot of tinking. It’s easy to make a mistake and hard to see it. It’s also a very firm fabric, which makes it slower and harder.

Also, since I’m working across the length of the scarf rather than in the usual way, I’ve knitted up two full skeins and the thing is very skinny and skimpy looking.

With the usual vertical approach, you can make it the right width and just stop when you run out of yarn. This way, we’re committed to the length from the beginning and have to hope we have enough yarn for a nice width.

I’m considering starting another of the Christmas gifts alongside this one so I can have something easy to work on while I read.

I have lots of reading to do, but the difficulty level of Henry means that I’m having to do more watching of movies while I knit. I’m also doing some marathon TV watching — watching all of a season of something. I like that better in some ways than seeing a mere 30 minutes of something and having to remember what’s going on till the next time I see the program — which, let’s face it, won’t be in one week.

I’m doing well with being consistent on the hour a day for making handmade gifts, if not on the getting goodies in the freezer part. This week is Guest Room week and I have #2 son and friends arriving this weekend, so the timing is perfect.

It’s also time to decorate for Hallowe’en, if you do that. I do. I don’t object to it on religious grounds (though I understand the reasoning of those who do) and I think there are some very charming aspects of the holiday. If you go with pumpkins and apples, of course, you can keep them on till Thanksgiving. If you’re more of a ghosts and black cats type, you get to enjoy both sets of holiday decorations.

It’s win-win.