I have frogged Henry twice, all the way back to the foundation rows. Now it’s behaving better. Third time is the charm.


I don’t trust it. It’s just an ordinary herringbone pattern, after all, so it should not have caused any problems. And yet it has caused me to frog an entire skein of wool… twice.

It’s like a dog that has once bitten you. You can never trust it again.

Look at it. Doesn’t it look like a spooky furry creature looming out of the darkness, possibly with slavering jaws just out of the picture?

That is what Henry is at its heart. A werewolf of a scarf.

#1 son may or may not appreciate its evil heart. I think he might, though.

Today I had some small emergencies to deal with: a website that wasn’t showing rating stars, a client who didn’t get how to use her email newsletter template. These things are only emergencies in the sense that they require immediate response, but they required immediate response, so I didn’t finish all the things I had scheduled for the morning.

I then had a meeting this afternoon with #1 daughter and a client. She represents a rock band we work for. We met in a coffee shop and I showed her graphs and stuff and we discussed possible responses to the changes in the music industry.

I forgot to buy coffee. I used to be so conscientious about that: making sure that I bought enough stuff at the coffee shop to justify my treating it like an office. By now, it feels so much like my office that I can completely forget.

By the time I got home, there was just time to grade some papers and my husband made me dinner. I could have worked more after dinner, but I’m beginning to feel as though I’ve recovered from my cold, so I didn’t. I knitted. I had to tame the werewolf scarf.