It’s time to begin the Holiday Grandplan!

This week is List Week.

We’ll clean our porches and make lists of the gifts we’ll buy or make, the menus for the parties and special meals of the holidays, the cards we’ll send and the sweets we’ll put in the freezer.

Gifts to be made is the list with the highest urgency, since I need to make at least half a dozen.

Here are the projects I plan to make:

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full_816_300246_BirdWatchingBag_1 full_5170_330850_TheWeekendDuffle_1 7880_Whistlepig-Creek-Productions-Projects-to-Go-Tote-NavyPink-1459704749575 2517_Amy-Butler-Weekender-Bag-Bright-Heart-Pink-1443635642899 12074651_977577485636782_4764571715017213755_n justina c2d5afdf87b364fbdf613bb17f0dd9e0 full_5989_119840_SavannahBootLiners_4 full_1084_100806_ChantillyLaceAscotCascade220_1 full_3444_114457_RuffledAshevilleBootliners_2 full_7385_198974_CherieKillileaDuffleNEW2016_1

Sewn bags and knitted accessories, basically. I have the patterns and materials, and I also have a nice collection of bought gifts squirreled away, so I feel like I have a good start!