Now that our bedroom is tidy and clean, it’s time to clean the master bath. We’re supposed to do the linen closet, but I just did that so I’ll stick with the master bath, which actually needs quitter a bit of work.

We buy 1/8th of our gifts, but we’re doing Secret Santa for adults this year and I have the children’s gifts already. It’s time to wrap those gifts, though, and I’ll continue working on the handmade gifts, which include a big project in Fleming.

We’re supposed to plan clothes for the holidays, cook for the freezer, and buy canned goods for the holidays.

Things are not as strange as last year, but I don’t know who will be coming for Christmas. I’ve had a strong maybe from #2 son and his GF and I expect #1 daughter and the Littles.

There is the challenge of holiday meals with diabetes. I guess that will require some research and planning.