Last week was Foyer Week, and the major challenge was the coat closet, which is like Fibber McGee’s closet.

Or rather, it was. Now it is civilized, if still full.

“Did you take everything out and put it all back in?” my husband asked me sternly, and I assured him I had, except for two boxes of stuff for Goodwill.

I then moved on to my bedroom and made some progress on clutter, including a bunch of clothes I cannot wear any longer because they are too big. It’s hard to give them up, but it’s time. I have stabilized at 105 pounds and I don’t think I am going to gain back the rest of the weight I lost this summer.

My bedroom is now at a level that I think of as a normal degree of cleanliness and tidiness. Over the course of the week I will dust and vacuum and tidy, and by the end of the week it will be a proper haven. My drawers and closet are all tidy already, so itwon’tbe too much of an ordeal.

In addition to cleaning our bedrooms, this is the week to start making Christmas gifts. We are to spend one hour doing this each day.

Fortunately, I am finishing up Chimera just in time.