Here are #1 son's hiking socks, with the heel flap completed and the stitches picked up, ready to turn the heel.

Turning the heel, getting ready to knit the foot.

Sock #1 completed.

These are made of Highland wool. The Highland sheep is a cross between the Merino and the Corriedale, which is itself a cross between a Merino and a Lincoln sheep. I'm using Cloudborn Superwash Sock Twist held together with Cloudborn Superwash worsted. This is a Craftsy kit designed to create a Ragg style sock.

Ragg wool is actually a natural and a died strand spun together or perhaps just plied together — I don't know much about spinning. I like the look. This makes a very stout and stretchy sock.

There is a song about getting socks for Christmas. It's not much of a song, frankly, but it appears to be madly popular at elementary school holiday programs, so here you go: