bad-for-you I slept in till nearly 7:00 this morning. Last night I put my feet up and read, had a hot bath, and went to bed at a reasonable time. I also ate pizza and ice cream.

Basically, if I have the Evil 6 in the house, I will eat them. I’m not sure why I have them in the house. It’s grocery day, so I have the opportunity to throw away any lingering remnants of the Evil 6 that I might have, and to buy only fresh produce and lean protein.

It’s a work day. I have papers to grade, blog posts to write, and 14 hours of minor stuff to do for the big client that’s been keeping us on our toes.

It is also the last day of the HHP week set aside for crafts planning and organization. I think I’d be looking at several hours of work to get my crafts areas organized and tidy, as well. Perhaps that will be this evening.

The HHP, as distinct from the HGP, doesn’t have us bake goodies and put meals into the freezer. This was a major element of the HGP. By the time the holidays rolled around, we’d have ten casseroles and containers of chili and whatnot, so a buys day wouldn’t derail us — and many’s the time I’ve taken one of those meals to a friend who was feeling overwhelmed by holiday preparations.

True, there were years when the boys ate all the cookies out of the freezer before the holidays (and I might very well have helped). There were also a couple of years when I had too many cookies and threw out frozen casseroles in February.

The new plan suggests doing a freezer clean out and cook-for-the-freezer marathon at one point, and there might be a baking marathon at another point, though I don’t see it. Is this the best way? I’ll give it a shot and let you know… though I might also get some cookies into the freezer just in case.