I went and sang at church this morning — the first time I’ve sung with other people in five months. First physical church service I’ve attended, too. We were in masks, observing social distance, and got our temperatures checked. It was nice.

Then my husband and I went to see #1 daughter and her little family. We dandled the baby and played “This is the way the lady rides” and told a few stories.

Once I came home, I finished up the only garment I completed this week: a Foursquare Top made from the Zingara steampunk print.

Obviously I haven’t pressed it, but I think it’ll be a nice piece for my Fall 2020 Collection.

It’s the last day of my vacation, but the first day of the Holiday Grand Plan.

It’s List Week. We’re to make all these lists:

  • Gifts to be given, amount to spend — mostly what to make
  • Christmas card list — probably just a few
  • Visits to make — maybe none, with the pandemic on
  • Parties/Entertaining — again, perhaps none, though I hope we can have a few family gatherings
  • Menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, other parties
  • Goodies for Sharing/Gifts. Divide it between the weeks from now through December 1.
  • Favorite Meals of Family members for freezing ahead.
  • Long-term shopping list divided into: canned foods, perishables for each holiday, linens and dishes, decorations, etc.

This is also Porch Week, time to clean the porch.

I’ll get back to work tomorrow, no more lazing about, and will keep up on my DYW and HGP undertakings.

That’s the plan.