I’m heading into a long weekend with #2 daughter on her way with her young man, who does not yet have a nickname, and plenty of great plans to enjoy some time off.

My closet is, as you can see above, reasonably tidy if not cultish, but the rest of my house is not. I am not going to do anything about it tonight. Tomorrow morning I can cook and clean while I wait for my guests and it won’t seem like such a long wait.

Tonight, Friday, my official Night Off, I have been reading and I am about to go and knit. I realize that this sounds dull, but I really enjoy having a quiet evening like this.

I did a couple of NetGalley reviews and was startled to see that I a Top Reviewer there. I find it hard to believe because, like so many other things, my book reviewing has been derailed by excessive work. My feedback/approval rate is 36%, far below the recommended 80%, and so many of my approved books have been archived that I might never catch up. However, I find that all it takes to be a Top Reviewer is for three of one’s reviews to have been used on title details pages.

This makes me feel only slightly less guilty. If I had all those books on my shelf, I would feel more guilty. However, just having them in my Kindle where I don’t see them keeps me from suffering too much.

And I do love always having something to read.

I will now go loll around and consider what to feed my houseguests. I already know what local sights we’ll be seeing. It should be fun.