I’m home after a wonderful visit to my SIL’s family in Germany I had a quest — that is, a plan using the Hero’s Quest journal — to visit them as a healthy, stylish old lady.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

I had hoped to be past the vertigo and fully recovered by then, but I was instead a disabled person with wheelchair service at the airport. Thankful for it, in fact. I had one episode of weakness and dizziness in which I required assistance to get up the hill at the ostrich farm, and that was embarrassing. I had to sit down and rest sometimes.

Nor was I especially stylish. I forgot my jacket and my hostess kindly provided me with a hoodie. I didn’t do the make up and grooming every day any more than I do at home.

I was myself.

I needed and accepted help. I developed a good relationship with all the nice people I met. I had a great time. That makes for some learning, I think.

I returned with some intentions for a new quest:

  • I need to correct my posture. A lot of the photos show me as a hunched, elderly, frail sort of old woman, which is not my plan for myself.
  • I need to increase movement. I averaged 7,000+ steps while traveling and only 3,000 steps when I’m at home. I do have to work, but I can make a point of getting up and moving around more frequently. I can also get back to walking the dog and doing strength workouts. Consistent workouts could keep me from feeling weak and tired.
  • My diet can be better. I’m generally pretty good, but I get lazy. I was vigilant while traveling, even though I didn’t always have much control over what I ate, and I had excellent BG readings in spite of eating a little bread and cake. I can do better.

I might not get over the vertigo. I might be disabled. But I also might regain my health and strength, at least in terms of how I feel.