I was awake from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m., visiting the bathroom every few minutes and cleaning up after the occasion when I wasn’t quick enough, possibly because I went to sleep. That was not fun. I took a couple of days off from proper Plate Method to go on the BRAT Diet instead. My blood glucose numbers went up. Now I have to get back to correct eating.

July has been mostly about figuring out the medication and its side effects. Today is the last day of July, which of course is not in any way connected with my digestive issues or medication. However, I like to imagine that the calendar has real world effects. Or that the divisions of the calendar can e meaningful. So I am going to believe that today will be the last day of digestive problems and rogue bg readings.

So I slept from 4:00 to 8:00 and got up feeling as though I had missed much of the day. I had a good breakfast — a Denver omelet, a peach, a slice of blueberry lemon cake made with monk fruit sweetener and Flourish flour, a stout cup of tea — and made some soap. I scrubbed the kitchen and cleaned out half the fridge. I ran the window cleaning robot and the Roomba. I talked with my daughters virtually. Hung out with my husband a bit.

Then I sewed the buttons on the Alice sweater.

I love this sweater!

I had a properly balanced lunch — I hope.

The fish and salad are my go-to lunch, but I have been loving baked potatoes lately. I hope that, with the correct balance, I can continue eating them. But I know I have to get my numbers back down where they belong. I’m taking an experimental approach. I enjoyed this lunch. And no vomiting so far today.

I’m feeling good about this.

Okay. I’m now going to knitflix — doing the ribbing on the Kaisa sweater while watching (or at least listening to) Criminal Minds on Netflix.