I just mean that I am definitely not going cold sheep. I have made two further yarn orders. First, I am expecting a little windfall which will totally cover the cost of my yarn orders from a direction I wasn’t even aware of. It was like finding yarn money in the pocket of a coat I hadn’t worn since last winter.

The photo above shows the Antler Baby Cardigan I plan to make for the bigger of the littles. The pattern has sizes all the way up to adult, so we could all have Antler Cardigans.

And there was also the gorgeous shawl with artisanal yarn like the trendy knitters use.

Then I got a 55% discount offer for a yarn that should be perfect for a pattern I just got. I couldn’t ignore that, right?

So I have another package on the way.

I am just a few inches away from completing the Alice sweater, and then I must get a traveling project on the needles. Probably Cala Bassa, which I have in a kit.

It uses both knitting and crochet, and makes a nice summer top I can layer with a shirt or cardigan.

There might even be a yarn purchase during our vacation.

But after that I am definitely going cold sheep for the rest of the year.