The book-I’m-reading plugin I ended up with uses the ASIN rather than the ISBN. No big deal, right? I can just Google the title and ASIN. Until I started reading Hot Six by Janet Evanovich. If you Google “Hot Six ASIN” you get some very weird stuff.

I’ve read all the recent Stephanie Plum books but I hadn’t read the early ones. I was wondering, as I thought about this, why that should be. Then I remembered how I had read One for the Money and found it too violent. I tried another — I don’t recall which one — and it was just as bad.

So at what point did I get more tolerant of violence? Or at what point did Stephanie Plum’s books become less appalling?

Janalisa and I met with a new client today. I think the company is a terrific fit for us and am really looking forward to working with them. #1 daughter also had a meeting, out of town, with a prospective client. She felt that the guy was dismissive: he thought she was just a pretty face, that our company’s too small and too cheap, and that he didn’t even read the proposal. I figure that’s a guy she can learn something from, even if we don’t want to work with him and he doesn’t want to work with us.

I went to grade papers — they’re due tomorrow — but there were all these little blue lights in Blackboard showing that students were working. I got out. It’ll mean early morning grading, but I’m rooting for them. I know they won’t all pass, but I wish they would.

So I’m hanging with my husband and reading Hot Six.