The hotel was built in 1931. I was on the 12th floor, comfortable and cared for.


They had a sewing kit and first aid supplies. I didn’t need them, but I was glad they were available if I had needed them. I used the mouthwash; I don’t think I’ve seen that in a hotel before, but I wasn’t carrying any.


The bathroom  was small but functional.


There was a whole lot of floor space. I could have done yoga or zumba or something, but didn’t.

I did get 5-7k+ steps every day, not something you can take for granted at a conference. That was good. I ate whatever I want — largely fish and vegetables, actually, but a little alcohol and a fair bit of sugar. I gained .7 of a pound and I’m not complaining.

But I am ready to move off the landing here, and begin losing weight again. I’m glad I was able to dress nicely in well-fitting clothes for the conference, but I’m ready to move on.