This is the HotPatterns Fringe Festival Top. It consists of just three pieces: front and back, plus the scarf.

Both front and back pieces are cut with a seam, not on the fold. This gives the top good shaping, but I have seen bloggers eliminate the center seams. I could see doing that in the back, but the center seam in the front is important for getting a good V neck and a nice scarf.

The scarf is designed to be left with unfinished edges and fringed. I made this top with a digitally-printed scuba knit, so the back of the fabric is solid white. I therefore cut the scarf wider and sewed it up, turned the ends right side out, and tied it like a necktie.

I think it could also look good with much longer ties and a pussycat bow.

I made this in my ready-to-wear size with no adjustments apart from the changes in the scarf. The sleeve is cut on.

With five seams and a few hems, this is a super easy pattern but it looks great. I think I’ll be making more of these.