Here’sthe second peasant blouse hanging overnight before hemming.

I still have an unreasonable idea that I might use my SWAP 2015 fabrics, shown below with the peasant blouse, to create some small capsule wardrobe. The giant bird print should become a travel bag before I begin my summer travels, but that is admittedly unlikely. The aquamarine linen is already a pair of pants and the gray linen should have the same fate. The floral print will be a tunic and the russet knit is destined to be this summer’s new Sunshine Top.


So that left the teal broadcloth for the peasant blouse. It will work with both linen pants and will not actually be called upon to work with anything else.

A new book I’m reading draws a distinction between Projects and Clothing, and they’re quite right. I love the idea of a SWAP as a project, but when it comes to clothing, well… nothing says “homemade” like a broadcloth peasant blouse. It’s airy and pretty in a fine lawn or gauze or silk, but sack-like in quilting cotton.

And since there is actually no occasion on which the flashes of teal in the floral print will be echoed by the teal blouse apart from a photo, there is no reason at all to choose the teal for a blouse. I should have made pants with it instead.


I’m going to hem it today. Will I wear it? I probably will. It should be comfortable and I spend a lot of my work time alone. And I expect I will make more of this pattern in lighter, drapier fabrics, probably prints.

I just let the Project get in the way of the Clothing.