My 2014 STP started with two Sunshine Tops. I love this pattern and have probably made half a dozen of these. It’s easy to make and wear, a little shapelier than a typical T shirt, and it looks fine under a jacket as well as with jeans.

There’s a simple yoke with a back piece that fits neatly onto the yoke, and a front built to gather onto the yoke. It’s rather deep cut in front, but not enough to be immodest. I’ve seen pictures of these all over the sewing blogs, and they seem to look good on all sizes of women.

The owner of HotPatterns is a lavishly built woman, which I always figure is why their large size patterns are well fitted. They’re also printed on heavy paper, not tissue, so it’s practical to make them many times.

This pattern also has options like a banded bottom, a tunic length, and embellishment for the yoke. I’ve nver actually done any of those variations, though I have done all the sleeve variations.

My STP tops are not just the same pattern, they’re essentially the same fabric as well. It’s a French viscose knit from Emma One Sock. I like it so well that I bought it in both colorways. I don’t know why, but I always love the combination of stripes and flowers. It’s very light and soft without being at all flimsy, and the colors are exceptional — even the black is deep and velvety.

You can see in this photo that this top is gathered unevenly. I will be taking it apart and fixing it today.


This top is put together correctly, just photographed badly.

Here’s the first one I ever made, during STP 2011 when I made a record 10 tops. You can see the shape of the thing better with the solid color.


That’s the end of my summer knit fabrics, but I have knits for fall, so I may end up making more of these. In face, I’m almost sure to make more. I buy clothes that way, too — a favorite style in multiple colors or (occasionally) patterns. Nothing wrong with that.