I completed the final hot water bottle cover — this one’s for me. It’s KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted in Fairy Tale. The pattern is from Rebecca Home (special issue #7 from 2004).

Hot water bottles are an excellent low-tech option. With a wool sweater like this, they’ll stay warm all night. Tuck it under the covers and they’ll warm the air inside your bed and keep you cozy.

Go for 90 degree water.

I enjoyed church and lunch with my friend and her family. I gave some books to Facebook friends as part of a New Year meme. These social things were nice.

When I got home, my husband helped me put away the rest of the Christmas decorations and I baked some oatmeal cookies. Then I finished the last hottle, as mentioned above. Next I must return to the argyle vest. But I wasn’t ready for that. So I began Damsel.

As is always the case for me, the lace doesn’t make sense to me the first few repeats. Usually, this means that I have lots of errors. My usual MO is to do a few repeats, look for some discernible pattern, find nothing, frog it, and start over. I’ve done this repeatedly every time I made a shawl and have generally given up. Sweaters involve the same process, but I guess because they have more repeats in a row I only have to tear them out and start over a few times before I can carry on and make the sweater.

I finally succeeded in making a triangular shawl last year, and I plan to make more this year. The one above is Quixote. I started it over several times, trying to get it to make sense. Eventually, I decided to power through instead of tearing it out again. The beginning has errors, sure, but they aren’t that noticeable.

The smart thing to do would be to make another of the same shawl, cementing what I learned the first time.

Instead, I plan to make several different shawl patterns. The one above is Leaves and Flowers. The silver one above that is Damsel. I’ll also be making Geo-Snow.

Should I pull Damsel out and start over, trying to do it accurately this time? Should I power through the Leaves & Flowers I started last year?

I’ll decide while working on the Argyle Vest.