I cleaned my kitchen. Obviously, I didn’t clean the floor. But I washed the dishes and scrubbed the surfaces.

That’s the before. The flowers screened some of the mess.

Housekeeping is definitely one of the things that has been sliding during this busy season. I think getting back to proper cleaning will improve my quality of life.

In fact, returning to routine is a very good thing for me. It’s taking a while, but I’m exercising nearly every day and having mindful dinners more often than not. My morning routine is mostly on track, though I am not doing skincare and makeup regimes consistently.

I’m still fairly busy.

For housekeeping, I got myself a reward. I have to put it that way because I honestly had plenty of cleaning supplies. The sad truth is that I don’t do enough housecleaning to run out of things quickly. Dishwasher and washing machine tablets, yes, but all purpose cleaner lasts a long time.

I subscribed to Cleancult anyway. They send your first shipment in plastic bottles, but after that you get refills in paper cartons, much reducing the use of plastic. They make their stuff from coconut oil, not petroleum, and they support Puerto Rico disaster relief.

The products are effective and have tangy herbal scents.

I will not be scrubbing down my whole house today, because I am going to #1 daughter’s house to cook for her freezer. Her new baby will be along in six weeks or so, and a freezer full of dinners should help.