cake I made this cake yesterday, for the blog of one of my clients. It’s very loosely based on the classic Gateau Miroir, and is quite yummy for a cake made entirely from convenience products.

It was supposed to have been made with pineapple Jell-O, which is not carried at my local grocery store. The clerk professed never to have heard of pineapple Jell-O.I checked the website, and there are 19 flavors of the stuff currently in production. You can buy it by the case at Amazon, or I suppose you could visit all the local grocery stores in search of the right flavor.

I used lemon. Also a lemon cake mix. The cake is good, anyway. Having eaten the slice at right will mean that I will have gained five pounds today, I am sure, so I need to get other people to eat the rest of the cake. cake-slice

Apart from baking for the blog, I worked on our new website.

I have to fix the problems with the pictures on all the old posts from before 2011. This is not arduous, but it must be done. I am working on it while watching Desperate Housewives. There are something like 180 episodes of this show, and I will surely be finished before I reach that point.

The program follows the adventures of a group of housewives, though the group involves some working women as well. They range from goofy and dangerous to truly evil. Many murders are committed in the course ofthe story — enough, I would have thought, to cause comment in any community. There are also lots of affairs, cruelty to children, destruction of property, and assorted weird crimes.

I never watched this program back when it was on TV. I’m enjoying it in the background of work now.